Stratos Combi Soliq

Combination machines for all weather conditions


Maximum adaptability, broad range of applications, efficient work

Efficient de-icing will only be successful if the chosen method, the chosen spreading means and the amount of spreading are adapted optimally to the weather conditions. Thus, combined use of methods and spreading means will be the perfect solution. The Stratos Combi Soliq combines spreading of abrasive spreading means, dry salt, wet salt with various brine percentages, and spraying. Thanks to the Stratos Combi Soliq you will remain flexible and be prepared for any type of de-icing task.


Hopper & frame structure

The core components of the Stratos Combi Soliq have been designed with focus on robustness and maximum stability. This allows for maximum safety whilst mounting and demounting.

The new Stratos Combi Soliq hopper is available in two basic versions:

1) normal hopper, volume of 4 - 7 m³

2) patented Flex hopper, volume of 5 m³

The new and patented Flex version allows for rapid changing between dry substances and brine – without the need for conversion. The Flex bags included in the hopper can be unfolded and filled with brine, if needed. Then, the brine volume in the hopper will be increased from 1,300 or 2,800 to 2,500 or 4,400 litres, respectively.


Brine device
The lateral (1,850 l) and front-mounted (2,200 / 2,500 l) liquid tanks are made of impact-resistant and cold-resistant PE with integrated baffles. The suction and ventilation points are located at the centre of the tank so that operation will also be possible in rough terrain such as mountain regions.


RSP distribution system
In case of the RSP version, combination of spreading and spraying is made via the spreading disc. Given a spraying width of up to 8 m, the RSP version is perfect for spraying on rural roads.


Stratos Combi Soliq RSP with dual-layer spreading disc

The new, patented dual-layer spreading disc (700 mm Ø) can be used for spraying 3-8 m (upper disc, PW 100) or 3-10 m (lower disc, PW 30-70) as needed. Switching is made via an electric valve. When being combined with the new RSP plus option, the spraying width will be increased to 9 m (6 m on the left and 3 m on the right) by using two wide-range nozzles.


WSP distribution system
In case of the WSP version, combination of spreading and spraying is made via a spreading disc and a nozzle spray system. In case of the WSP version, the Premium spreading disc with a diameter of 660 mm is used. The unfoldable nozzle arms allow for a spraying width of up to three lanes (12 m).


The Stratos Combi Soliq is powered by the present hydraulic system of the support vehicle. Maximum performance and efficiency.